Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does Solve?

1. provides real time business intelligence into your user presence. This means you can see how many users are using different parts of your product, or site, in real time.

2. provides real time hit counters that can be used to improve user engagement across many types of products and platforms.

What kind of monitoring do you provide? keeps track of each user's session - when it starts and when it ends. From this we can derive what your current top current auctions, products, or pages are in real time. Historical (last 30 days) data is also available via the product dashboard and CSV download.

We also provide the raw data in CSV format which can be fetched in a self-service manner from the dashboard.

How long does the onboarding/signup process take?

An account can be setup and have counters ready to be deployed on your site in production in a matter of minutes.

What if I go over the limits for my contract?'s predefined tiers have no limits for number of users. We have set things up so there is a tier for each common use case. If you have only a small number of users you pass less per month and more per connection, whereas if you have a large number of users we reduce your cost by providing a larger monthly fee and lower cost per connection.

What's the max number of user's supports?

If you take a look at our Developer Documentation you'll see that we use modern techniques like client-side load balancing. This allows us to scale to an unlimited number of connections.

Is GDPR/HIPAA Compliant? currently does not explicitly store any PII data. We don't even store IP addresses of your users. If you want to store PII when connecting to's servers please discuss with us first and we'll try to help you solve whatever problem you have in a safe manner.

Can you share what your architecture looks like?'s architecture is proprietary IP, however we are happy to work with you in a partnership to integrate products. provides the ability to do presence verification for our Enterprise users - meaning we'll call your API to verify each user session.

Why is your site so fast?

Glad you asked! is built to be fast and robust. This means having the right amount of complexity and making sure that any introduced technology is solving a well defined problem. This keeps us honest about any frameworks or tools we want to use which leads to a great user experience by reducing bloat.