Now Tracks Where Users Leave now tracks where users most often drop off on your site.

This is done by keeping track of the last page the user was on before they ended their session.

Falloffs are now tracked in a "Where Users Leave" section of the report.


Creating a Daily Analytics Report for Your Site provides a simple daily report that can be added to any site or application with a single line of code.

It doesn't require any fine tuning or pages of settings. It doesn't track your users, sell your data, or require you to show a GDPR cookie banner (unless you want more detailed tracking information).

Check out an example report on the Homepage and sign up here.

After signup, you'll find your installation code and instructions via Menu -> Install.

You'll also be able to view and monitor trends of traffic to specific pages. For this, has to be installed for some time so that it can track and report on your site's traffic over time.